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Our New Petfluencers

A Cat Named Fig

 Following 376k+

A Cat Named Fig is an content creator posting their many cat family adventures throughout Canada. This creator has two cats that love to explore the outdoors named Fig and Scout. They post entertaining travel content and tips across multiple social platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Milo the Chonk

Following 2.9M+

Milo is known for his impeccable taste for all things. From testing the best drinking waters to the grandest cat trees, Milo knows what he likes. Milo’s fans love to watch his daily content to see what new things he will try. Milo the Chonk posts regularly on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Freya the Siberian

Following 445k+

Freya is a Siberian cat well loved by her fans for her entertaining and funny videos. Freya the Siberian is best known for creating relatable cat content and following TikTok trends. She posts daily content on both TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Pearl's Ragdolls

Following 2.5M+

Looking for a creator with the most adorable fluffy kittens, then Pearl’s Ragdolls is the pet influencer for you! Pearl’s Ragdolls is a lifestyle creator captivating hearts with adorable videos of her many Ragdoll cats and kittens. Her charming videos has helped Pearl grow a large cat fan base across multiple platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Milo and Me

Following 350k+

Jayone has gained popularity and a large following on TikTok for her hair tutorials with her dog, Milo. Milo’s beautiful long hair allows her owner to try out different unique hairstyles. Besides getting her hair done, Milo enjoys living with her 4 other dog friends.

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At Petfluencers Agency, we’re all about empowering pet influencers! We work tirelessly to manage their partnerships and handle all the intricate details, ensuring they can focus on what they love – being the stars they are! From finding the perfect brand collaborations to handling seamless communication, we’ve got their backs every step of the way. Our mission is to support and amplify the influence of pet influencers, making sure they shine in the spotlight while we take care of the rest. Join us and let’s embark on an incredible journey together!

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